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Keith is a native New Yorker with the uncanny skill to make anyone crack a smile. Packing his Instagram with the grit and glitz of NYC's hidden corners; he's a pop-culture and fitness addict, always on the hunt for the new and inspiring.

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Whether it's kickboxing or road trips, Juliet is always ready for the next big adventure. Helping people is her passion online and offline. In her free time, she loves geeking out over politics, going to concerts, and exploring the city.

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Alex hails from Queens, New York and has recently moved just across the Hudson to Jersey City. When he isn’t helping Karma users, he can be found around the block from the office getting tattooed, religiously checking fantasy football scores on his phone, or watching reruns of Law and Order: SVU.

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Jackie, originally from South Florida, now lives in Brooklyn and has eaten at every sushi spot in the area. She spends her weekends doing hip hop yoga, playing Mario Kart, watching documentaries, and running at the local track.