How does payment with Karma work?

There are two ways to pay for Karma Go: Refuel and Pulse

With Refuel, you purely pay as you go. We'll always remind you when you run low and you're only charged when you actively make a purchase. Data never expires, either. No need to worry about overages or limits.

With Pulse, you choose how much data you want and what you would like to pay a month. 5GB for $40 10GB for $75 20GB for $140 If you need a little more during your payment cycle, you can either buy 1GB for $15 OR upgrade to the next option and pay the difference. You can start using that data immediately.

We also have an Auto Refill feature on Refuel. This lets you select a specific amount of data that automatically gets added to your account, should you run low.

Once you get a payment method saved to your account, you can set up Auto Refill in your dashboard.

Last updated February 17, 2016