Is Karma Go better than tethering?

We certainly think so. Let's take a look:

  • Karma Go can handle a lot more connections, up to 8 to be exact. It'll come in handy when you want to connect more of your favorite devices, not just a couple.
  • Battery life is way better with Karma Go than tethering. Tethering on your phone will drain your phone's battery in an instant. Better have that charger handy.
  • Reliability is also a big pro with Karma Go. You'll have a dedicated connection for the sole purpose of getting your devices up and online. No multi-tasking = better performance.
  • Sharing WiFi with your friends takes little effort. They can simply connect to your Karma Go and be up and surfing online, with their own data and account.
  • And finally, with tethering you will most likely need another data contract from your cellular provider, which most likely has a data limit that will annoy you. That doesn't sound fun.

Last updated February 17, 2016