Why won't my Karma Go charge?

Odd. The battery light of your Karma Go should flash red when it's charging, and green when it's fully charged. If you think your Karma Go battery isn't charging ,or holding a charge, try these tips to find out what could be wrong:

  • Check if your Micro-USB cable is plugged in correctly. The bars on the top of the end need to correspond with the bars in access point. If it's not charging, try flipping the USB end over and plug it in again.
  • Check if your Micro-USB cable is working, by trying to charge your Karma Go with a different Micro-USB cable.
  • Check if the Karma Go USB port is working, by trying to charge another device with the the Karma Micro-USB cable.
  • If you're charging via a computer or laptop, be sure it didn't go to sleep. This can prevent your Karma Go from charging.

If your Karma is in Sleep Mode, you won't see the battery light come on and pulse. A little confusing, we know but we promise your Karma is charging.

If none of these work, reach out and we can help.

Last updated March 14, 2017