Can Karma replace my home internet?

Karma Go was built to provide WiFi wherever you roam, but we don’t recommend using it as a replacement for your home router. Think of it as your way to get online from the coffee shop, the hotel, the beach, and beyond. That being said, some light internet users may be able to make Karma work as a home solution.

If you have a Refuel account, you should find out how much data you use a month now, before you make the move. This is to make sure that our pay as you go model is best for you.

If you have Pulse account, you'll pay a flat fee for whatever option you choose. Once you are done with your monthly data, your Karma will stop working.

Also, be sure to check that we have good coverage in your area.

If you have any questions on this, we'll be glad to help.

Last updated February 17, 2016