Why isn't my internet connection working?

Valid question. Let's get that fixed. If your internet connection isn't working, there are a few possibilities as to why. Let's go over some:

  • Check your coverage. It's possible you're in an area without any.
  • Our network partner is experiencing downtime. It's usually minor and should be fixed soon. Anything beyond that, we'll let you know.
  • Our hosting partner, Amazon, is experiencing downtime. This we know right away, and a fix is already being worked on.
  • The settings of the device you're connected to Karma with (phone, tablet, laptop) could be wrong. Check those settings and make sure to clear all cookies before connecting.
  • We personally might be experiencing some downtime. It’s frustrating, but we know immediately and are working on a fix.
  • Make sure you've activated Karma to the email address you purchased Karma with.

As a last resort, try resetting your device. There's a good chance that will help push it back to normal. Press the ON/OFF button for about 30 seconds. You'll see your Karma go into Sleep Mode then cycle off. DON'T LET GO and it should pop back on again. Now you can let go and you've successfully reset your device.

If you see an obvious errors on your end, be sure to report them to us as well. If you continue to run into trouble connecting, reach out to us and we'll help.

Last updated February 17, 2016