Why is my connection speed so slow?

In short: it shouldn't be. There can be multiple causes for a slow connection though. Some tips are:

  • Try restarting the device, by holding the power button down until it goes into sleep mode, and continue to hold until it's all the way off. After powering it back up again, you may find that your speed has improved.
  • You could experience a slower connection depending on the area you're in. Be sure to check our coverage map.
  • Your surroundings can also interfere with your signal. Moving to a nearby location could help alleviate this.
  • Be sure there aren't any apps or websites eating up your bandwidth. Video and audio are notorious for this, and they might be slowing your connection overall.
  • If you’re syncing any large files (Dropbox, Box, or iCloud), that could definitely cause your connection to slow down. Try pausing these.

If you went through these tips and are still running slow, reach out and we can look into it further.

Last updated February 17, 2016