Always connected. WiFi you can rely on.

WiFi shouldn't be something you have to hunt for. It should just follow you wherever you go. Karma puts reliable WiFi in your pocket and keeps all your devices connected to the internet.

Not tied down. Finally, you're in control.

Your data never expires, you never pay for anything you don't use. It's $14/GB. Like a gas tank, top it off when you run low. Plus it's contract-free. But the best part is the monthly plan: there isn't one.

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Ready to go. Simple and seamless.

One power button, no wires. Karma Go turns a cellular connection into your own personal WiFi signal. Your laptop, tablet, and phone wirelessly connect to crazy-fast internet.

Tech Specs

Network Connectivity

Karma Go runs on 4G LTE with support for Sprint Spark and fallback to CDMA (3G) on Sprint.

4G LTE Speeds (Improves over time)

  • Download6-8Mbps with peaks up to 25Mbps
  • Upload2-3Mbps

CDMA Speeds (for when LTE isn't available)

  • Download0.6-1.4Mbps with peaks up to 3.1Mbps
  • Upload0.35-5Mbps
  • Tri-band device
  • Supports LTE CAT3

Wireless Networking

  • 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz wireless networking
  • Supports up to 8 simultaneous connections
  • Maximum speed 54Mbps


  • 2.9 inches wide
  • 2.9 inches tall
  • 0.47 inches deep


  • 220 hours standby time
  • 5 hours internet usage
  • 1500mAh Lithium-ion battery


  • 2.3 ounces / 56 grams
Nationwide LTE

Not another Internet Company.

We're done with contracts, hidden-fees and behemoth companies. Getting online shouldn't be difficult, and WiFi should be everywhere you are. It's time to take back the internet.

Nationwide LTE

What's in a name?

In this dinosaur of an industry, we're bringing some good karma. Every time you share your connection with someone new, you'll each earn free data.