Get more out of your Karma Go with Premium Features.

Pulse subscribers can try Premium Features free for the first month.

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You Can Go Private

Go private

You can control who's able to connect to your Karma Go by creating a private WiFi network with a passphrase whenever you need it.

Your SSID, Your Choice

Personalize ssid

With a private network, you can personalize your WiFi name (SSID) at anytime. And even use emojis to spice up the signal.

Connect All of Your Devices

Connect any device

Easily add any of your favorite devices by using the passphrase of your WiFi network. Think Roku, Nest, printers, and more.

Pick Up the Tab, Share Your Data

Share data

When your network is private, anyone who connects with your passphrase uses your data. Perfect for family, friends, or groups.

And More Coming Soon

Save More Data

Save on data by controlling your Karma Go's speed.

Set Your Ceiling

You can control how much data you use by setting limits.

Refuel Customers

$10 for the first month

$15/mo afterwards. Cancel anytime.

Pulse Customers

Free for the first month

$5/mo afterwards. Cancel anytime.

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