Let's start

Meet John.

John is constantly on-the-go and needs to stay connected. With Karma, John can bring Wi-Fi with him, wherever he goes. And earn free data by doing so. Let's have a look at how Karma works.

8:30 AM

Fully Charged. Ready to go.

Today, John has an important business trip. Before heading to the airport, he grabs his phone, laptop, tablet and of course, his Karma hotspot.

Flight ticket

11:30 AM

Meet Lisa. She just discovered John's Karma.

Lisa arrives early to the gate to get some work done, but is struggling to find a Wi-Fi connection.
Luckily, John sits down nearby with his Karma hotspot. As Lisa scrambles to find connection, she immediately sees John’s open Wi-Fi signal and connects.

Karma Wi-Fi

11:31 AM

John shares with Lisa.

John's login page pops up and Lisa creates her own Karma account. By doing so, Lisa receives 100MB of data for free. With Karma, data is stored in Lisa's account, and it's not tied to John's hotspot. This allows Lisa to use her own data on every Karma Wi-Fi she connects to. Something we like to call: Bring Your Own Bandwidth.

Wi-Fi enabled devices

11:45 AM

Share more. Earn more.

John is notified that Lisa has connected to his Karma hotspot. Remember: data is never shared, only the connection. For sharing his connection with someone new, John receives 100MB of data, added directly to his account. John continues to share, as he knows his Karma can hold up to 8 connections simultaneously.

10:00 PM

Time to recap.

John returned home from his business trip and visits his dashboard. Here, he can check out how much data he’s used, add some more, or just pat himself on the back for how much free data he’s racked up today.

The more John shares his Karma, the more data he earns. That’s Social Bandwidth. That’s Karma.

Karma dashboard