Karma GO

Frequently Asked Questions

No. When you run out of your data package, you will need to add more data to your account in order to continue using the device. There will not be any surprise overage fees.
If you use all your data, you can order more at within your Karma Go account.
You have three months to use the data. If the data expires, you can choose a new data plan to continue using your device. You cannot get a refund on expired data.
Yes. We do have monthly pricing plans available in addition to data packages, which you can purchase within your Karma Go account.
We can’t promise that data rates will remain the same forever, but our data rates are always competitive.
For surfing the web and sending emails, you’ll probably use 10GB/month or less. If you’re using a hotspot for all music downloads and movie streaming, it could be more than 50GB/ month. Most of our customers fall somewhere in between. That’s why we offer 5GB free. See how fast you use the data and it will help guide you to the right choice for your usage habits.
Yes. The recipient would just create their own Karma Go account once the initial data package has expired. You won’t be charged again. It’s simple.
When you use your phone for tethering, there are bandwidth restrictions and it drains your battery quickly. You’ll also be charged for expensive overage costs by many carriers.
Nope, you aren’t able to bring other WiFi devices to use with Karma, as they aren’t compatible at the moment.
We offer a 45 day return period for the device, but you won’t be eligible for a refund if data has been used/consumed. If there’s a problem with the device, we can exchange it.
We have a simple, easy to read map for you to use.
Fast ones. Karma Go runs on Sprint’s LTE network, including Sprint Spark. Depending on your location and coverage, this comes with download speeds of 6-8Mbps, including highs of 25Mbps. Upload speeds will be around 3Mbps.
Karma limits support to online communication for a few reasons:

Low prices – Online support allows us to keep Karma’s data pricing down.

Easy instructions – Online support also helps our team gather system details and other information so that we can troubleshoot effectively. We’ll send you resources like articles, videos, or personalized instructions to help you solve problems and get back to work.

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