Karma Voyage

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no catch! A simple low cost rate provides access to the eligible roaming region. There are no hidden fees and no roaming surcharges.
There is no contract either. Just purchase the amount of data you need and refill as necessary.
Yes, you can use your Internet service in the US or anywhere in the eligible roaming region.
We cover 50 of the top countries for travelers in our Explorer Plan. For the most comprehensive coverage, we offer coverage for 150 countries in our Jetsetter Plan. For complete plan details visit Country List
Karma will not throttle (slow down) your data speed. Your actual data speed is determined by the network coverage at your location, just like with any other cellular service. Karma partners with the top network providers in our roaming region to ensure the widest LTE coverage.
There is no set limit on how many countries you can use Karma Voyage Internet in a single trip. As long as you haven’t used up your data balance, you can use your data in as many countries as you are able to, only limited to the country list.

For travelers with a multi-country itinerary, Karma Voyage Internet can bring substantial savings because travelers would not need to purchase multiple SIM cards-one for each country.

Yes you may. Karma does not restrict VPN usage.
For hotspot devices, we only offer the Karma Internet device.

Please note these are data-only plans, and you cannot make voice calls from your mobile phone dialer while using the Karma Voyage Internet CDMAS SIM even on iPhone or Android devices.

● Sprint version of any iPhone 6 and later.
● iPad Air, Air 2, Air Refresh, Mini 3, Mini 4, iPad 9.7”, Pro 10.5”, Pro 11”, Pro 12.9”
● Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and above.
● Sprint version of LG G7 Fit, G8 ThinQ and above.
● Sprint version of any Motorola G7, G7 Power, G7 Play.
● Sprint version of Google Nexus 5, 6, 6P and later.
● Sprint version of the Google Pixel, Pixel XL and later.
Yes, you can make voice calls using apps such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line, and many others. Since this is a data-only plan, regular voice calls (from the dialer) are not supported.
Yes, Karma Voyage Internet uses LTE for internet connectivity by working with the top mobile networks in every country where we offer service. Your LTE coverage depends on local factors such as network signal strength at your location, and which country the device is in. While we expect LTE to be widely available, we cannot guarantee it due to local network conditions outside of our control. We have seen LTE speeds from 5Mbps to 50Mbps, depending on country and strength of signal.
Your unused data will rollover to the next month’s balance as long as the Base fee for Voyage Plan is paid every month.

Please check your prepaid balance regularly. If you have run out of data and can no longer connect, you will need to join another data network in order to complete your top-up.
Yes! Adding more data is easy. Visit https://www.yourkarma.com and login to your customer portal.
Karma respects your privacy and is committed to the highest privacy standards in the industry.
1. Please check your device settings to make sure “Roaming” is enabled and ensure the Roaming Network setting is set to “Any Network.”
2. Please note that if you reset your device, the device will default to “Disable Roaming.” In that situation, you will need to enable the Roaming setting again in your settings in order to use Karma Voyage Internet.
3. Please power-cycle your device (that means turn your device off and power it back on).

Also if you have an iPhone or Android device, you may also need to update your device.

1. Find a WiFi zone for your device for basic connectivity.
2. Dial ##873283# and press enter. If you have any data connectivity, then your device should update.
3. We recommend for customers to update their device before leaving the US.

Ready for WiFi everywhere?

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