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This pay-as-you-go hotspot keeps giving back. Gain 100MB of data each time a new user connects to your WiFi. Get 5GB free with purchase. Best of all, get more for your money with data you can use anytime within three months.
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How much free data?

With 5 free GB, you can post 1500 photos and videos. Or, if you prefer, you can download around 900 songs.


Don’t pay for data you don’t use. Get more for your money with data packages that last three months. See plans.

No Throttling

Get blazing fast WiFi without bandwidth throttling or fear that you’ll exceed your data allotment. See FAQ.

“What’s clever about Karma is not just its contract-free data plan, but how it incentivizes Karma users to share their data with others.”



Check out our ongoing data prices. No contract required.

How does it work?

Buy what you need. Use it anytime within three months.

5GB Package


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Tiny Box. Big Internet.
In Your Pocket.

  • No Overage Fees
    Use your free 5GB anytime within 3 months.
  • No-nonsense pricing
    Ditch contracts. Add more data at a great price.
  • Nationwide coverage
    Everywhere you go, the WiFi goes with you.


Ready for WiFi everywhere?

  • Purchase a Karma Go device
  • Start with free 5GB
  • Connect to Karma WiFi